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Outdoor Cabinet

ZTmm provides perfect outdoor cabinet system solutions, including waterproof and anti-vandalism cabinets, communication power systems, heat management & environment monitoring systems, and audio distribution and fiber distribution management systems. The cabinet is made from galvanized sheet or high-intensity aluminum alloy plate, which can efficiently defend against the illegal external intrusion and resist against various adverse environments(rain, snow, frost, hailstone, dust, salt fog, solar radiation, and so on), so as to provide complete protection for electronic devices inside the cabinet.

Ambient condition

  •  Ambient temperature:-40℃~ +55℃

  • Storage temperature:-25℃~ +55℃

  • Transport temperature:-40℃~ +70℃

  • Relative humidity:5%~ 100%

  • Atmospheric pressure:62kPa~101kPa


External interference resistance

  • Solar radiation intensity: 1120×(1±10%)W/m2

  • Ingression Protection Degree: IP55

  • Wind resistance: 60m/s(Cabinet)

       22m/s (Door-restrict device, after door being open)

  • Condensation: No condensation (before equipment operation)

       No falling dew(during equipment operating)

  • Anti-corrosion: No protective performance deterioration after salt fog test

Basic security

  • Surface temperature of cabinet ≤70℃(while the ambient temperature is 55℃ for metallic Cabinet body)

  • Surface temperature of cabinet ≤130℃(while the ambient temperature is 55℃ for non-metallic Cabinet body)

Grounding protection

  • Clear grounding label

  • Grounding bar: Connecting over 8 grounding wires connected to the ground net from two directions

  • Cross section of ground copper wire: ≥16mm2

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