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More than 10 people work in research and development team, including  data center experts, talents with doctor degree and master degree in electric major and heating and ventilation major, structure engineers with more than 10 years of work experiences and appearance designers. 

Data center experts

Talents with doctor degree 

Talents with master degree in electric major

Talents with master degree in heating and ventilation major 

Structure engineers with more than 10 years of work experiences 

Appearance designers 

All the products are developed totally by Zhiting itself. Its product line with different levels are classified as HS, LS Series.
They could be applied to different situations.
 HS Series
 LS Series
 Warrior Series
 Wizard Series
 Nebula Series
Zhiting manufactures not only single cabinets but also micro module. Tianji Series, Tianhe Series and TianJi Series could be applied to small, medium and large data center respectively. As a micro module manufacturer, Zhiting seeks for better way to bring cooling, power distribution, cabling and fire control system together.
Cooling and power distribution products are developed by our own team. power distribution products expand from terminal PDU to UPS, precision power distribution cabinet or busbar. Cooling products characterized by energy saving includes rack type precision air conditioner and precision air conditioner in line.
The advanced operation and maintenance system developed by Zhiting includes dynamic environment monitoring system, DCIM platform and asset management system in Wechat.
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