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Data center monitoring provides insights and visibility into the health and status of your data centers by tracking specific metrics in real time and sending alerts or notifications when readings exceed or fall below the set thresholds. Data collected from monitoring yourdata center can be stored, analyzed, and displayed in business intelligence and analytics dashboards and reports in your DCIM software to help you make data-driven data center management decisions.
You can monitor everything from an entire data center floor down to a single outlet on an intelligent PDU. Given the distributed nature of modern data center environments, you may even monitor different "lights-out” enterprise locations or the cabinets you own in a colocation data center.

  • Improving uptime

Health polling combined with thresholds, alerts, and notifications can help you identify and address potential issues - before they

lead to costly, unplanned downtime.

  • Optimizing Capacity Utilization

Real-time data gives you an always-                              accurate picture of usage in your data center, so you can identify stranded capacity, forecast when you will run out, 

and make the most of your existing resources.

  • Increasing People Productivity

You can manage devices, analyze data center business intelligence with dashboards and reports, and then make data-driven changes – all in a single system, with fewer clicks and mouse movements.

  • Reducing Risk

Electronic door lock control with RFID-enabled cards, user management, and security audit reports help you ensure compliance and reduce the possibility of unauthorized access.


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