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Email: info@ztmmdc.com
Phone: 86-571-81389216
Quality Assurance
Zhiting has been designing and constructing data center for more than 18 years. We not only provide customers with high quality products, but also concept about data center and its development.

Product Quality Assurance

 Reasonable factory management system and standard
operation process
 Specialized and advanced facility and talented workers
 Strict product inspection system

Technology Quality Assurance

 The first micro module manufacturer in China to provide data center planningr
 Key research & development experts with master’s degrees or above
 All-round technical support center

Service Quality Assurance

 Service hotline available in 24 hours from Monday to Sunday
 Offices located across China such as Hangzhou City,
Nanjing City and Wuhan City
 The ultimate goal is customers’ satisfaction
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Zhejiang Zhiting Information Technology Co., Ltd.

Founded in 2009,  Zhejiang Zhiting Information Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in research and development, production, sales and services of energy-saving modularized data center. With high quality product as its core competitiveness,  Zhiting strives to develop genuine micro module and has owned some patented products.


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Email: info@ztmmdc.com   /   Phone: 86-571-81389216
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