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Dynamic Environmental Monitoring System


Is being in one immediately “the big data” the time, the information explosion type grows today on the Internet, more and more big data has brought the challenge to us. Takes a broad view at the whole world, various countries' unwilling error big data time good opportunity, puts forth the whole body posture in martial arts in abundance, the plan and the measure advance. Facing data central big data time challenge, ZT-SCADA intelligence power and conditions centralized monitoring system in traditional model foundation, more business management demand specialization.
The ZT-SCADA intelligence power and the conditions centralized monitoring system condensed the wisdom seat of monarchical government many year system application experience, take the user increment as the guidance, the optimized safeguarding control system is the method, reduces the operation expense to carry on the research and development for the target. The system modulation, the open design paradigm support supervisory system in the technical application and the control aspect's sustained development, becomes the data central fine refinement control the valid support platform.

ZT-SCADA monitoring management system management system paradigm


Product characteristic

MYSQL/SQL server database

Uses the multichannel data transfer mechanism, the user does not need to worry that the database breakdown causes to be unable the question which the real-time monitoring and the warning present, the data manipulation is more secure stably

Open model

Not only may integrate each kind of software and hardware interface downward (Modbus, OPC, SNMP and so on), but may also outward provide each kind of interface (OPC, DDE and so on), implements completely with other platform seamless docking, transmits each kind of alarm message

Uses the bottom end data processing mechanism

The monitoring core device reduces largely, saves the system maintenance work load and the space

May develop the function

3D virtual patrols

Configuration mode

The manufacture electronic map function, the function and the interface complete separation, is more flexible, is stable


The modular structure, is advantageous for the expansion and safeguarding, the avoid repetition investment


The server supports many computer backups, the load self-balancing, eliminates big area breakdown bottleneck which the traditional monitoring host computer question causes, has extremely high reliable and the stability, can 7×24 the uninterrupted continuous working

Linkage check

Automated or manual opens stops is related the device, the initiation related operation

Direct-viewing data analysis tool

Curve tendency chart, fan diagram, stick plot, data record report, analysis report, log record

Breakdown quick ship promptly Uygur directs

The knowledge library support, the automatic transmission send the list, the work flow track, the device quality analysis

Cross area long-distance centralized management

The multi-point long-distance monitoring, zero install the WEB browse, the automated generation interface, the auto-adapted network transmission

Data storage

The record gathering data and occurs the warning incident, and provides methods and so on inquiry, analysis, report, does not need the paper report

Software interface


Battery monitor interface

Battery monitor interface 2    Battery monitor interface  

Handset terminal interface

Handset terminal interface    
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