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  • Q Which new technical application at present does the data central have?

    A Remembered that before 08 edition of standards should be 95 editions, before 2000 data central has had the earth-shaking change truly with the present, the present data central regarding the function, the expansion as well as transports Uygur's requirement to be getting higher and higher, therefore emerged some new products in the data central. In the plane pattern, the micro module machine room's emergence, reduced design and the construction cycle, and has the further control to data central's air current, enhances the precise air conditioning's refrigeration efficiency; In supplies in the electrical power distribution system, the intelligent mother arranges also becomes a luminescent spot, the data central modular dilatancy further falls to the ground, along with plant capacity's adding, may implement online -like not to cut power carries on the cleft grafting and the dilatancy; The comprehensive wiring system has been the data central highway, its bandwidth's promotion, before 100,000,000,000,000 to present 100G, welds before the optical fiber to the present pre-company sets, the link weaken and the breakdown reduce greatly; The intelligent distribution frame should not be able to be a subject, is at not the warm not fire the state, has different opinions, but is also a big progress, waits for consummating; Transports the Uygur aspect, moves the link to monitor 3D the fusion as well as the DCIM platform demonstration, the visualization is getting stronger and stronger, the client experience feeling obtains the authorization more and more; Another transports Uygur, now transports the Uygur method the multiplicity, may through local, long-distance, the big screen, the computer terminal, the handset end be even handset's micro letter end, transports Uygur's convenient, timeliness and the validity has the very big enhancement.
  • Q How to solve the non-sign cabinet's inside micro module integration?

    A The data central micro module design already became the tendency, but the designer regularity will have a question, when will fall in the cabinet to present the specification not to be unified, when or present will be unable the predict that if will design series questions and so on micro the module, wisdom seat of monarchical government product in research and development time namely will base on the project practical application, will therefore vary regarding the cabinet size, will vary highly, when pillar, questions and so on single line, the wisdom seat of monarchical government will carry on the solution by the fitting product, you will need a telephone only, our technology will help you to solve the problem.
  • Q As a designer, which points the earlier period does survey the scene time needs to pay attention to?

    A First certainly is the geographical position, the floor position, the load-bearing data as well as the plane size; Must have whole set water, the electricity regarding the newly built building, warm, the structure, the architecture blueprint, regarding the old building transformation, needs to survey on the spot matches, the well road, the corridor bridge lowly; Whether to have the outdoor computer platform, is away from the machine room the distance is how many, where is the water source position located, how does the sewer route walk; Whether to have the new atmosphere machine room, whether the glass curtain wall can open the hole; Building weak electricity system paradigm; Whether the information machine room area does reserve the ground point; Disappears controls the lab the specific position and so on.
  • Q How should the data central construction's preliminary selected location determine?

    A According to national standard GB50174 "Electronic information System Machine room Design Standard" the requirement, the electronic information system machine room choice of location should meet the following requirement:
    1.  The electric power supplies should stabilize reliably, the transportation, the communication should be convenient, the natural environment should be clean;
    2. Should be far away produces the dust, the lampblack, the noxious gas as well as the production or storing has corrosiveness, flammable, the high explosive cargo place;
    3. Should be far away from the flood and the fire hidden danger area;
    4. Should be far away strong inspires the source and the strong noise source;
    5. Should avoid the strong electromagnetic field disturbance.
    Unifies many years to design as well as to implement the experience, in the floor selection, recommended that do not select the lower level as well as the top layer, considered whether to have the outdoor computer platform, outside computer platform and main machine room vertical range next 5 meters, on in 20 meters; West considered that the information machine room in the north side, avoids exposing to the sun as far as possible suitably; Considered that in the building may not be the cafeteria; Considers building store height as far as possible high floors and so on.

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