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Tianji I

As an integration solution and based on the concept of removable data center, Micromodule Tianji Series target micro and small sized data center.

  • Protection level: IP40

  • Quick installation

  • Quick removal

  • Thickness of steel plate: top plate--1.2mm, side plate--1.5mm, front door and back door--1.5mm, vertical shelf 2.0mm, horizontal shelf--1.5mm, top shrouding and bottom shrouding--1.5mm, front shrouding--1.5mm, wire arrangement plate--1.5mm

  • Column material: nine-folded material, 1.5mm

  • Appearance: single front door with intelligent screen, double back doors

  • Color : RAL9005. It also has other tailored colors.

  • Protection level: IP40

  • Permanent load:800kg

  • Gate lock: key lock or optional intelligent cabinet lock

  • Standard: ANSI/EIARS-310-D, DIN41491, PART1, IEC297-2, DIN41494, PART7 and GB/T3047.2-92

  • Cabinet: It combines aesthetics and function.

  • PDM: It includes power distribution management unit, electrical parameters display(parameters of main circuit and its branches such as voltage, current, frequency, power, PUE etc..), warning function and warning inquiry.

  • Rack type UPS: 3KVA, input voltage --220V, output voltage --220V

  • Precision air conditioner: floor standing or wall mounted, refrigerating capacity --4KW, rated voltage--AC220V, rated frequency--50HZ, rated refrigerating capacity--1250W, maximum refrigerating capacity--1625W, refrigerating fluid--R22, Noise level≤68/65dB(A)

  • Fire fighting system: fire trace tube heptafluoropropane, weight of the gas--3KG.

  • Touch screen: size--7”TFT, backlight--LED, color--65535 true color, resolution--800*480, luminance--200cd/m2, touch screen-- resistance-type, input voltage--24±20%VDC, rated power--5W, processor--Cortex-A8, 600MHZ, memory--128M, system storage--128M, ferroelectric memory--expandable, SD card--expandable, configuration software--MCGS embedded edition.

  • External interface: serial interface--COM1(RS232), COM2(RS485), expandable(COM3/COM4), USB interface--two interfaces, CAN interface--expandable.

  • Environmental conditions: storage temperature—(-10℃~60℃), operating temperature--0℃~45℃, operating humidity--5%~90%

  • Specification: enclosure material-- Industrial plastics, size of the panel-- 226.5*163(mm), holes--215*152(mm)

  • Certification: CE/FCC

  • Protection level: IP65(front panel)

  • Electromagnetic compatibility: industry level 3

  • Intelligent cabinet lock: It is compatible with different EM cards. Green light glitters once as the door opens. Red light glitters in case of improper operation. The door can be opened by a card, a key or remote control.

  • Temperature control fans: the operation of fans is controlled by the inner temperature of the cabinet. (the temperature of fans opening and closing could be changed.)

  • Intelligent software:

Human-computer interface, full color liquid crystal touch screen TFT-LCD, 7 inches. It monitors power distribution management unit, operating parameters of UPS, air conditioner and intelligent PDU, access control system and warning function etc..

Real time management is realized if this unit is connected with dynamic environmental monitoring system of data center.

working lighting is controlled intelligently. 


Tianji -061222

Cabinet size



Air conditioner size

internal unit 439*852mm

internal unit 439*852mm

external unit 650*900*400mm

external unit 650*900*400mm

Device space



Weight of cabinet



Protection level



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