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TianJi II

Based on the concept of energy saving data center construction, Micromodule TianJi Series have genuine modularized structure and target medium and large sized data center.

  • Customized product: this Series have customer oriented appearance and structure.

  • Quick installation: Independent units with assembly structures, prefabricated in factory.

1. Structure

ZT data center has standardized ports and modularized structure. It meets expandable demand and supports installation in different phases. Its components are manufactured in batch. In each data center, there is independent cooling system which saves energy.

2. Combination

ZT provides modularized data center as well as components such as enclosed passage, cabinet, wire arrangement unit and intelligent management etc..

3. Appearance

It combines aesthetic feeling and function. Products with tailored color are available.

4. Airflow

Air conditioner plus cool or heat passage enclosure can effectively solve energy waste and improve refrigerating efficiency.

5. Power Distribution

Different ways of power distribution reach the aim of safe power supply and intelligent monitoring.

6. Lighting

It combines lighting in working environment from LED cold light source and background lighting in LED blue.

7. Security And Protection

Access control system is used in passage enclosure structure. Inside it is color camera for real time monitoring.

8. Intelligent Management

Real time monitor power supply and distribution equipment, air conditioner, lighting, temperature and humidity and skylight etc..


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