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Micro module Tianhe Series

Based on the concept of quick construction of small data center, Micromodule Tianhe Series have brought cabinet, power distribution, air conditioner, airflow management, intelligent control and cable layout etc. together.


  • Customized product

  • Free expansion

  • Energy saving: PUE<1.6

  • Thickness of steel plate: top plate--1.2mm, side plate--1.5mm, back door--1.5mm, vertical shelf 2.0mm, horizontal shelf--1.5mm, top shrouding and bottom shrouding--1.5mm, front shrouding1.5mm, wire arrangement plate--1.5mm

  • Column material: nine-folded material, 1.5mm

  • Appearance: more than three cabinets arranged in line, intelligent screen on its side, single front glass door with fire protection, double back doors made of steel plate.

  • Airflow: 200mm front cool air passage and 400mm back hot air passage

  • Wire arrangement: vertical wire arrangement unit is equipped between two cabinets.

  • Exhaust air: air volume 239~288CFM, rotate speed 2900~3500RPM, automatic overheat protection

  • Color: RAL9005. It also has other tailored colors.

  • Permanent load:800KG

  • Gate lock: key lock or optional intelligent cabinet lock

  • Standard: ANSI/EIARS-310-D, DIN41491, PART1, IEC297-2, DIN41494, PART7 and GB/T3047.2-92

Micromodule includes air conditioner in line (1), server cabinet (1-4), network cabinet  (1), power distribution cabinet (1) and wire arrangement units (1-4).

  • Cabinet level: each cabinet is equipped with emergency ventilator, multi-functional network unit, intelligent display of wind speed, temperature and humidity, M type cable tray on top of the cabinet, horizontal wire arrangement unit and blind plate.

  • System level: Intelligent software, 10.1-inch capacitive screen, fire trace tube heptafluoropropane, grounding system, plug-in type busbar, independent wire arrangement units on both sides.

  • Room level: ventilation system, monitoring system

  • Optimized configurationIntelligent locking system, automatic skylight opening and closing system, intelligent lighting system.

  • Enclosed structure in single line

  • High refrigerating efficiency

  • Modularized value

  • System structure backups

  • Intelligent terminal display

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